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Want all the T.E.A.? 

Accelerate your independent publishing career with unlimited lifetime access to the entire suite of Tala Editorial Academy courses—current and upcoming!

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Did you know that independent publishing now accounts for over 50% of the global book market?

Imagine where you could be in a year—with continual training, education, and hands-on guidance from your favorite indie publishing pros.

Dream with us for a moment...

What would change in your LIFE if:

  •  You felt confident every time you started a new manuscript (instead of staring at the screen)
  • You constantly & organically attracted new readers excited to read your books
  • Your book sales continued to climb WITHOUT promotional ads
  • You had a marketing plan that kicked doors of opportunity wide open
  • Every conversation with bookstores included, "Absolutely! We'd love to carry your novel!"
  •  You had access to 1:1 support with award-winning industry professionals
  •  You never felt alone in your journey

You have everything you need in one place

With this exclusive Tala Editorial Academy Lifetime Membership, we're giving you all the tools, resources, and personal support you need to craft memorable stories, navigate self-publishing, and live your dream of becoming a successful author...on YOUR terms.

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In The Next Year, You Could…

  • Publish your first novel
  • Grow your readership to new heights
  • See your book(s) stocked at your favorite bookstore

The right resources and support make all the difference. We'll help you every step of the way with a library of trainings, downloadable workbooks & templates, and personalized guidance from Tala Editorial and our private community.


The T.E.A. Bundle

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Get ready to take creative and professional control over your publishing career.

This all-access lifetime membership is the most powerful tool you can have as you pursue your dreams of full-time authorship. You’ll learn how to:

  • Structure memorable stories into bestseller-quality novels
  • Establish your marketing platform to grow your audience and professional reputation
  • Approach and maintain your career as the business it is: finances, marketing, communications, and more

You'll also have the added benefit of personal, one-on-one consultations to guide you through your own customized journey.

What's Included In The Bundle...


All-Access Pass to every course

Authors are already in love with Mind to Manuscript and Plants It! which you will receive instant access to. We also have a suite of courses scheduled for 2023 you'll have priority access to—and for every year after, you'll never have to pay for a new course with us again!

  • Mind to Manuscript: Learn the art of memorable storytelling
  • Plants It!: Utilize the best of plotting and pantsing to maximize your writing goals
  • The Author Platform Blueprint: Establish your brand as an author and strengthen your presence as a professional
  •  Market Mastery: Learn how to successfully market your book and increase your sales—without paying for ads
  •  Genre Principles: Learn the "rules", tropes, structures, and requirements for literary representation in all the main genres of fiction
  •  Authorship Acceleration: Build your professional baseline and organize your finances, figure out filings, map out projections for future books, and more

Four 60-minute sessions

This is a Bundle Exclusive not offered anywhere else in Tala Editorial Academy! You'll receive 4 one-on-one coaching sessions with Nikki Auberkett for anything you need to discuss:

  • Developmental advice for your manuscript
  • Hands-on strategy and guidance to build your platform
  • Market insights and brainstorming

Whatever direction your authorship takes you, you'll have a real person to lean on for personalized support.


LIVE Group Sessions


Every new course drop will come with LIVE group sessions to answer your questions and walk you through the new material. While everyone is always invited to join, you'll get first dibs and won't have to pay any additional fees.

This Bundle Is For You If...

  • You're tired of trying to figure this publishing thing out on your own
  • You know you have a great story to tell, but you're afraid of rejection
  • You don’t have thousands of dollars to spend in promotional ads
  • You dream of being a full-time author
  • You want people to recognize your name with excitement

Nikki Auberkett


I'm a woman who wears many hats: cultural anthropologist, developmental editor, award-nominated author, business owner, industry mentor.

And I completely understand first-hand what it means to have a huge dream when it seems like that's all it will ever be.

With over 15 years as an editor, 10 years as an anthropologist, and countless years as a small business mentor and advisor, I've helped individuals weather through the worst of times and scale their businesses and careers to new heights despite all the roadblocks falling in the way.

Today, I'm an award-nominated and bestselling indie author who totally understands the stress and strategy that goes into creating a successful career in independent publishing. I'm excited (and honored!) to be part of your publishing journey, and can't wait to see where your passions and dreams take you!


The T.E.A. Bundle

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First Year Intro Pricing

  • Instant access to published courses
  • UNLIMITED Lifetime Access to all future courses
  • UNLIMITED Lifetime Access to all group workshops and sessions 
  • Four (4) 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions 
  • Downloadable worksheets, workbooks, templates, and more
  • Private, supportive community to uplift you through every stage of your publishing career

Two Payments


$476 total

Everything the T.E.A. Bundle has to offer—split into 2 easy payments!


Payment Plan


10 monthly paymentsβ€”$500 total

On a tight budget? We totally understand!

Enjoy the benefits of starting right away—without breaking the bank!