Attention Authors:

“What if you could outline your story AND allow room for inspiration in only a day?”


Yes, I Want to Plants It!

Simplify your writing  


You have an incredible idea to get onto paper (and into print!), but half the work is figuring out how to actually write the dang thing.

Should you plot it out before you start?

Write by the seat of your pants and see what happens?


 ...Why not both?

Map out your journey

With done-for-you templates in every story structure option, we're giving you the best tools to utilize as you free your creativity and meet your goals.

Gather Your Seeds

Pull together your story elements, even if you only have a few: main characters, main setting, overall message.

Plot Your Garden

Download the best template for your genre (or use our recommended app) to map out the basic structure of your story.

Watch It Grow

Enjoy the freedom of pantsing within the structural guidelines of plotting—and watch as your story becomes a full manuscript!

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Lifetime Access

  • Easy 3-step process
  • 4+ hours of video guides
  • Downloadable done-for-you templates
  • BONUS: The Write Time workbook

Weed out the stress of writing

And focus on what really matters: getting your story published and into the hands of readers waiting to fall in love with your novel.