Learn how to develop a captivating story readers will love and remember.





This immersive self-study course will guide you through the basics of memorable storytelling: character design & development, world-building, motivation & message clarification, and more! 

Refocus Your Purpose

Challenge yourself and gain clarity on what your story is meant to communicate.

Strengthen the        World-Build

Overcome popular misconceptions and map out your characters' relationships to their setting(s).

Utilize Best Practices in Independent Publishing

Learn a few of the most popular tips, tricks, and insights for navigating the editorial process.

We're Tala Editorial:

A full-service team of editors and designers by independent authors, for independent authors.

We're also people with eclectic backgrounds that make us more than average: a developmental editor who's also a cultural anthropologist; an editor from a "Big House"; a certified typographer with a passion for true customization; a cover designer who also composes music and has a whole YouTube channel of short films!

Suffice it to say, we get it. Being a creative while balancing with Real Life is a challenge, sometimes even a struggle.

But storytelling should be the least of your stresses.

"Mind to Manuscript was a life-saver for me. I was already finished with the first draft of my manuscript when I joined, but Nikki's lessons took my story and characters to a whole new level. Because of her extensive background in anthropology, Nikki has so much insight on characters, forming their back story, and locations unlike any other developmental editor I've found. I keep going back to her teaching, enriching my story more each time. I highly recommend this course and any service Nikki offers!"

Kristy Lynae Moore

"Nikki Auberkett’s Mind to Manuscript course was like a book I didn’t want to put down. After the first day, I realized my life, and my business was forever changed. I suddenly understood what my business had been missing: a compelling story, with a clear message..... Nikki knocked M2M out of the ballpark. She so far exceeded the majority of course creators in terms of quality & clarity, that she’s become one of my 'secondary main characters' when it comes to developing my courses & telling my business’s story."

Stephanie Sage