"The craft or art of writing is the clumsy attempt to find symbols for the wordlessness."


- John Steinbeck




Stories begin the same place as our dreams — so it's no surprise yours is to become a successful author!

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Did you know that in 2021, 4 million books were published...and over 2.5 million of them were self-published?

There's no denying the data staring us in the face: Independent Publishing is BOOMING!

You're here because you have questions on how to navigate this tidal wave of opportunity.

  • How can you make a living doing what you love?
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We're here to help guide you through it all.

From crafting memorable stories to positioning yourself as The Go-To expert (even if that expertise is in spice—we see you 😉), Tala Editorial is the team of award-winning authors/editors/designers in Indie Publishing you've been dreaming of having in your corner.

"Four eyes are better two. A good editor is very, very, very, very important to a writer... Nikki brought her unique gifts to the mix [and] I learned to spot my weaknesses..."

Michel Godet, Freedom is Always There

"I am certain I have put my best foot forward and given myself the best opportunity... More importantly, I have learned things about myself and my goals in the process of working with Nikki. It was not just worth every penny but was priceless."

Victoria O.
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